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Stichting Rehabiliatiecentrum Curaçao

Stichting Revalidatiecentrum Curaçao ta brinda kuido i guia spesialisá na adultonan i muchanan ku tin un desabilidat pa motibu di un malesa, aksidente òf un enfermedat for di nasementu. Nos ta traha huntu pa un rekuperashon optimal i ta duna sosten riba tereno sosial di sosiedat, ku e mira riba re-integrashon di nos klientenan den nos sosiedat.

Kuido personal adekuá

Revalidatiecentrum ta para pa kuido personal di nivel haltu. E revalidashon ta konsistí di investigashon multidisiplinario, kuido i guia spesialisá. E revalisashon ta bai den diferente fase, pa medio di investigashon nos ta haña un mihó bista di e tipo di kuido ku nos kliente tin mester. Revalidashon por tuma lugá den un esenario klíniko o poli-klíniko. E dòkter di revalidashon ta determiná huntu ku e kliente kua esenario ta esun mas adekuá, dependiendo di e kliente su situashon. Muchanan tambe ta haña kuido i guia personal. E grupo terapeútiko pa ‘peuter’ ta spesial pa muchanan entre 1 i 4 aña, ku pa motibu di nan limitashon físiko no ta kuadra den un grupo di ‘peuter’ regular, manera krèsh. Tambe Revalidatiecentrum ta traha den koperashon estrecho ku Soeur Hedwig School. Soeur Hedwig School ta un skol ‘Mytyl/Tyltyl’ ku ta brinda enseñasa spesial na alumnonan entre 4 pa 21 aña.  

Nos tim di Revalidashon

Nos tim di revalidashon ta konsistí di trahadónan di diferente disiplinanan médiko, esakinan ta: rehabilitashon médiko, enfermería, duna kuido, fisioterapia, ergoterapia, logopedia, (neuro-) sikologia i trabou sosial. Tambe nos ta traha den estrecho koperashon ku trahadónan di artíkulonan ortopedagógiko di Curaçao Orthotics & Prosthetics. 

Stichting Revalidatiecentrum Curaçao provides specialist treatment and guidance to adults and children who are physically restricted due to illness, accident or congenital disease. The team works hard to optimize recovery and support socially, with a focus on the (re) integration of their clients into society.

Adequate, personal care

The guiding principle of Revalidatiecentrum Curaçao is to offer personal care of a high level. The rehabilitation center consists of multidisciplinary research, treatment and counseling of a specialized nature. The recovery takes place in phases, during which the personnel gains insight into your healthcare request. Rehabilitation can take place in an outpatient or clinical setting. The rehabilitation physician, determines together with you which setting is most appropriate depending on your situation. Children also receive personal care and guidance. The therapeutic nursery group is intended for toddlers aged 1 to 4 years who, due to their physical disability, do not fit in regular toddler care. Stichting Revalidatiecentrum Curaçao also has a collaboration with the Soeur Hedwig school. Soeur Hedwig school is a Mytyl / Tyltyl school offering special education to students between 4 and 21 years.

Our Rehabilitation Team

Our rehabilitation team consists of employees from several medical disciplines including rehabilitation medicine, nursing, hospital care, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, speech therapy, (neuro) psychology, social work. There is also close partnership with the orthopedic instruments manufacturers of Curaçao Orthotics & Prosthetics.